Sunday, 1 February 2009

Welcome to Young Design Programme - The Sorrell Foundation

Dear Clients and Designers,

I would like to welcome you all to the YDP (Young Design Programme) - The Sorrell Foundation.
Here is the space that you will be able to communicate with the other members of your group.

I am sure that this blog will be the portal to communicate your design ideas and creativity.


Anastasios Maragiannis
Programme Manager

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  1. Hi,

    This work looks like the work I saw last Tuesday; I'm looking forward to seeing the development Tuesday 28.

    We discussed developing a consistent visual theme that links all the spaces - making them a 'coherent whole'. We talked about taking elements of the murals and using them as 'wayfinding' (helping visitors and students to move efficiently and safely through the space in the correct direction). We discussed employing humour, using some of the elements in unusual positions or to 'tease' people as they moved around. We also discussed the idea of using the direction that people moved to tell 'stories' within the murals as they moved past.

    When presenting, you may wish to structure it as follows:
    1. Outline brief
    2. outline any ways you challenged the brief;
    3. Explain your visual research/key decisions;
    4. Explain how work meets each key brief requirement (most important ones first)
    5. Explain any 'extra' innovations/ decisions that enhance the solution
    6. Remind the client of what you've just presented (so they remember the main points)

    Central to all wayfinding projects is the requirement to help people move intuitively around a space (in this way - and other ways - architecture/spacial design and web design are very similar). Wayfinding is also used to communicate 'brand' (personality etc.) properly. If the client hasn't, or can't, explain their brand to you, you may have to do some work to summarize it for them.

    Remember, in commercial projects, it's never acceptable simply to state that you thought an idea would 'look good', or you saw it somewhere else and liked it, so you used it. By all means reveal your influences, but explain how you made that idea your own, and applied it effectively to your client's brief.

    I'll be interested to hear how this all fits together to create a coherent and stimulating visitor/student/staff experience.

    Good luck!